One Ayurveda drink at night and at morning reduces 10 pounds in 2 to 3 months
Do you know your health status? Use BMI calculator to find
Do you know how your excess weight may put at higher risk like disability?
One drink before and after food would make you to reduce 10 pounds in 3 months
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   Medical Science of Breathing and removing waste from body
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It's time to think about BMI..
On a Mission to make a Healthier World
Lose Weight if you are High BMI
Are you are overweight ? then lose
weight fast. Overweight body is
prone to health risks and diseases.
Reduce weight- Happiness begins now!
Live disease free and happy life.
Where Do you Stand ?
BMI Chart
BMI less than 18.5  -  Underweight        
BMI 18.5 - 24.9      -  Healthyweight
BMI 25 - 29.9         -  Overweight
BMI 30 or more      -  Obese
3 Best ways to Lose weight
1.  Natural Honey drink.
2. Warm water with Ayurveda

3. Conscious breathing (5000 years old)
     Follow all 3 and lose weight
Conscious breathing (5000 years old)
It is important to realize that 70% of bodys waste are eliminated through the lungs while the rest are eliminated through urine, feces and skin.
Conscious breathing helps you to achieve this.
To inhale fully is to fill ourselves with the energies of life, but it also provides a healing pathway into the deepest recesses of our being.
is our breath that can help guide us
on this remarkable journey into ourselves.
Ancient Proverb
Conscious breathing exercise to lose weight (reduce high BMI -Body mass Index)
Medical Science of Breathing and removing waste from body
Throughout the day are you aware that you are breathing?
It is natures automatic process that sends air (breath) into the body and we call it as breathing, our body simply changes its shape in such a way that the pressure in the chest cavity is lowered, thus permitting air to be pushed into the body during inhalation. When we are sleeping, it is the nature that breathes for us, the air goes in and comes out automatically. We do nothing the body tissues that have stretched during inhalation simply spring back to their original shape.

The movements of the diaphragm, (a body part) associated with breathing, brings the body into complete alignment and coordination, because it is connected to all of the major organs in the thoracic (chest) cavity and the abdominal cavity, as well to the heart. This is the reason why a calm, full, deliberate breath can slow your heartbeat, improve digestion, decrease abdominal pains, subdue intense emotions, etc.

Much of deep breathing is about removing waste from the body. TKV Desikachar, one of the great masters of modern yoga, has often claimed that yoga is 90% waste removal. With every exhale, we remove from the body what is no longer needed, physically in terms of carbon dioxide and energetically in terms of stale energy and negative emotions.
Not Enough Oxygen due to sedentary life style
Most of us don’t know how exercise helps in reducing weight?
Basic formula for weight reduction is reducing fat (accumulation of calories). What Fat consists of - Fat is made up of Nitrogen, carbon and oxygen.

Reduction in fat happens when it starts dissolving and this happens when more oxygen enters into body. When we do exercises like running, jogging, cycling or any Aerobic exercise then heart starts pumping more oxygen. More oxygen breaks down fats which makes carbon dioxide to mix with blood and moves into lungs and it is thrown out during exhalation.
Aerobic exercise includes more oxygen
Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that uses large muscle groups and causes your body to use more oxygen than it would while resting.
The goal of aerobic exercise is to increase cardiovascular endurance. Examples of aerobic exercise include cycling, swimming, brisk walking, skipping rope, rowing, hiking, playing tennis, continuous training, and long slow distance training.
Dr Robert Girandola, professor of Exercise Science at the University of Southern California is convinced that oxygen can burn up calories. In a recent study, he found women burned 140 per cent more calories with oxygen than riding an exercise bike.
How less Oxygen makes you fatigue and tired. Try this small exercise.
A sedentary lifestyle or sitting for extended periods in front of the computer or TV creates a serious oxygen deficit in your body. 

Have you ever noticed that you may feel exhausted after sitting long hours in front of TV or computer/laptop or playing video games?  How could you feel so tired when you didn’t do any physical activity? 

Your fatigue or tiredness is caused due to lack of oxygen in your body.

Sitting and reading for extended hours also makes you tired so try taking deep and slow breathes in between these activities and see how refresh and rejuvenation happens to you. Closing eyes will makes this process more focused and effective. Try it.
How to start conscious breathing and lose weight?
To start with, spend 5 minutes so whenever you have 5 minutes you can start doing it. You can even do it while standing in a queue and no need to close eyes, just start taking slow and deep breathes.

At home, at office, at shopping mall, while driving, while reading and very importantly while watching television or movies, while cooking, while gardening,

Very importantly - Tremendous impact of conscious breathing is observed during walking, brisk walking, jogging and running or playing any outdoor games or any sort of exercise. Try it and you will surely see your weight is started to reduce.
Healthy Tip - Speed up fat Loss simply by changing the way you breathe. It’s natural, simple and free. Reducing weight could be as easy as devoting a few minutes to a daily breathing routine.
Basic steps of conscious breathing to reduce weight

Though conscious breathing with burn your fat and will reduce your weight but your food and physical activity is also utmost
You will not see any results by conscious breathing if you keep consuming more calories because conscious breathing will burn calories
and again you will consume so how will you see the results?

Secondly physical activity will ensure you gets in more oxygen (conscious breathing ensures you get in more oxygen) and burn
accumulated fats from years. These activities are important if want to see faster and guaranteed results because weight addition in your
body happened during last couple of years so it is essential to add these activities to burn accumulated weight and to ensure it will not
return in future.

Activities to perform in addition to conscious breathing to see faster and guaranteed results

• One small physical activity. A brisk walk of 20 to 30 minutes will do. Or any exercise or physical game you like. Keep taking these
   conscious breathes during these activities. It will show you tremendous results in very short span of time.
• Keep a watch on your calorie intake. Reduce your calorie intake below your recommended numbers. If you don’t know your
   recommended calorie intake then please visit here
• One Natural Ayurvedha drink before going to bed and after waking up in the morning - It can be prepared at home or at your work
   place in few minutes, understand how it works - Read here.
Healthy Tip - Set aside a few minutes a day to integrate these practices into your life and you will be transformed.
In Conscious breathing we are aware of inhaling and exhaling of air. We feel air (oxygen) is going in and air (carbon dioxide) is coming out through our nose.
We do conscious breathing intentionally. Through conscious breathing lot of oxygen goes into our body and lot of carbon dioxide (toxins) is thrown out of our body.

According to the researchers, the lungs are the primary excretory organ in weight loss.
There are countless research on the benefits of how exercise aids in losing weight and the main reason is, exercise increases the amount of oxygen in the body and hence enhances the metabolism and in turn burns off the calories. So in conscious breathing lots of oxygen is directly inhaled into the body.
Step by step method of Conscious Breathing to reduce weight (reduce high BMI - body mass index)
Week 1 -
Start taking 5 deep breathes - 5 times a day.

When to do -
After getting up in the morning, before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before going to bed
How to do

Step 1 -
Sit in your comfortable position either on a floor or on a chair. This can also be done while standing - Back (spine) should be straight. Can be done in office, shopping mall, in queue, while driving, while cooking, while reading, while watching Television (very effective), while walking (excellent effects in very short term). If possible come out of Air conditioned room.

Remember - Deeper and slower breath is the best way to provide excellent results in short span of time. Do as much as deep and as much as slow you can. During first week it may be uncomfortable or becomes difficult to adopt this method but keep trying and later on your breath will automatically starts becoming slower and deeper as you practice and move on week after week.
Step 2 - Close your eyes or keep them open whichever you are comfortable with (closing eyes makes this process more effective and attentive). If you are at work place or anywhere outside then keep your eyes open. At home you can keep your eyes closed.
Step 3 - Start taking normal breathes through nose for first 2 minutes and observe/focus how air is going in and coming out. Focusing on breathe is very important step in conscious breathing. This may not be possible during first week but keep trying and you will be able to do it in next week.

Step 4 - After first 2 minutes, start taking DEEP and SLOW breathes through nose. The deeper and slower breathe the better and it provides excellent results in very short span of time.
Start counting in mind from 1 to 4 while inhaling and same for exhaling. If you are comfortable then you can even count up to 5 or 6.
Please continue doing this for 5 breathes. One inhale and one exhale makes one complete breath.
It takes total 5 to7 minutes for this entire process of conscious breathing for effective weight reduction.

Step 5 - Repeat above 1 to 4 steps, 5 times a day whenever you have 5 to 10 minutes to spare to make your life healthy and happy in coming weeks/months.
Healthy Tip - The breath - a simple action often forgotten throughout the day - is a simple way to improve your overall health, all of the body’s functions, and your emotional outlook, just take deep and slow breathes
Important points to Note:-
If you are totally new to this breathing method then you may or may not be comfortable at the beginning but no
need to worry because after one week you will be use to this method and will be performing this very smoothly to
rejuvenate your health.
If you add some sort of physical activity like walking or anything that you like, then this conscious breathing will
enhance the results 100% in shorter duration. Try it and let us know. Do conscious breathing while walking.
No holiday please. The more you do the more you will feel rejuvenated, refresh and more beneficial. But in fact your
holidays and weekends are the best ways to perform this activity because you have more time for yourself so
spend your time to rejuvenate more during holidays and weekends. Try it and you will not regret it.
Week 3 -
During 3rd week, kindly follow below steps
Take 10 deep breathes - 5 times a day. If you are comfortable then do 6 or 7 times in a day.
Kindly extend your counting in mind from 1 to 4 to 1 to 6. If you are comfortable then you can even count up to 7 or 8.

Week 4 -
This week requires more dedication but no worries because after practicing first 3 weeks you have now understood its merits and already started enjoying its benefits. Don’t you? If not then kindly repeat steps of first 3 weeks again. 

If you have completed first 3 weeks as suggested then normally people will automatically extend their duration of this conscious breathing and continue doing it deeper and slower because either your breathing is aligned or you started seeing its miraculous effects on your mind or body or both. 

So before completing 1 to 3 weeks don’t jump to 4th week. If you want to practice more than repeat 1 to 3 week’s method before moving to week 4.

During 4th week -
Start taking 20 deep breathes - 6 times a day. If you are comfortable then even you can do 7 or 8 times in a day.
During 4th week increase your count in mind - Start counting in mind from 1 to 7 while inhaling and same for exhaling.
If you are comfortable then you can even count up to 8.
Important 4 points to Note -
• 4th week requires you to practice first 3 weeks thoroughly. If you are not comfortable with first 3 weeks then you can repeat them
   before moving to 4th week. Because after 4th week you will reach at a point where you will start feeling its complete benefits.
• Initially for all new people it would be bit uncomfortable during first week but no issues, you can continue it with small breathes for
   few times a day. Start putting habit to your body and mind to sit and practicing it and as time progresses you will love its refreshing
   energy and your mind and body will start following it automatically.
• Not to bother yourself with numbers mentioned in the steps, they are just to make your mind and body get aligned with deep and
   slow breathing. If you miss any numbers then no problem continue with the steps.
• It is possible that exhaling or inhaling count may not match so don’t worry. For example - if you would have counted 1 to 4 in mind
  during inhalation then it may happen that your exhalation counting may go beyond 4 so need not have to worry on this. The bottom
  line is your breathing should be deeper and slower as much as possible.
Conclusion after 4 weeks-
If you have followed first 4 weeks dedicatedly then you would have started seeing effects on your mind. Your mind will be focused. Some people even felt that their behavior of irritation turned into somewhat silence and calm.  This is just beginning and you will see more astonishing effects in coming few weeks.

After all 4 week session, most people feel total difference in themselves like more calm mind, lot of stress getting released, some people saw glow on their face, body getting aligned to food, proper digestion, excellent sleep and many more. Not to mention you will be feeling refreshed after each and every session.
Healthy Tip - Set aside a few minutes a day to integrate these practices into your life and you will be transformed.
Second Month
If you still want to practice before moving to 2nd week then please continue with first 4 weeks course and then start with 2nd month course

During second month for all 4 weeks follow the steps as mentioned below:-
Start taking 20 deep breathes - 6 times a day. If you are comfortable then you can even do 7 or 8 times in a day.

Your count in mind - Start counting in mind from 1 to 8 while inhaling and same for exhaling. It is possible that exhaling or inhaling count may not match so don’t worry. The bottom line is your breathing should be deeper and slower as much as possible. 
The deeper and slower your breathe gives you more satisfactory results in very short time.
Conclusion after completing 8 weeks:-
After completing 8 weeks you would be feeling somewhat more concentrated and more focused. Don’t you? We are sure if you have done these 8 weeks dedicatedly, (for few people it would have taken more than 8 weeks) then you would have started seeing its real benefits and these benefits to your mind and body will ensure that you will live fit, healthy and disease free throughout life. 

Keep performing conscious breathing
AS DEEP AND AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE and as much as possible to achieve best health in near future. In this process you will reduce your fat and achieve low BMI (Body mass target) target.

This breathing method has enormous impact on life beside the benefits discussed above there are lot more usage and benefits and discussion on this is beyond the scope of this article but if you are interested to know how to enhance this skill further and reach more greater heights towards enlightenment and spiritual journey then you can write to us visit feedback page.
Some important points to follow to make conscious breathing more effective and reduce weight at much faster rate
1) Start taking deep and slow breathes through your nose and not through mouth - This can be done anywhere and at anytime. But if you are at home then sit at comfortable position and close your eyes. You can do this anywhere else by eyes opened and even while standing.

2) Focus on air going in and coming out through nose - Do you know the job of Mind is to wander. Your thoughts will never be stable. But you have to focus your mind/thoughts on air coming in through nose and going out through nose. Don’t mind if your mind goes somewhere else, bring back to air going in and coming out through nose. It’s not a big task as it sounds. If you are able to focus at least 1 thought out of 5 then you are done with this job. Try it and sooner or later you will achieve most of it.

3) Closing your eyes makes you more attentive - It is said that eyes are door to the mind. So close your eyes and it will automatically shut your mind. Closing eyes makes conscious breathing much more effective and attentive. You can do this at home by spending out 5 to 10 minutes.

4) Breathe deeply and slowly - Breathing deeply and slowly is most important aspect of conscious breathing.  When breathing is automatic, our breath is fast and shallow. When our breathes becomes deep and slow, it becomes very easy for us to focus on thoughts so the effect will be much more impressive and relaxing. Try to do it as deeply and as slowly as possible and see the great results.

5) Don’t move chest, move stomach - When air passes through nose your stomach (abdomen) should come out and when air goes out stomach should go in. Most of us don’t know this. When we inhale lungs expand and abdomen comes out and when we exhale lungs contract and abdomen or stomach goes in. Diaphragm plays a major role for lungs expansion and contraction.

6) When to do it - If you are new to conscious breathing then this can be done 5 to 10 minutes either in the morning and or the evening. Once you understand how to perform it and if you start seeing its results then you can do it anywhere and at anytime if you can take out only 5 minutes.

Even it is mentioned in some literatures that people who have done conscious breathing for prolonged hours have seen tremendous benefits, weight reduction is one of them, and changed their lives forever. Conscious breathing gives peace of mind, internal silence, it rejuvenates, it makes your life more peaceful by making you less disturbed even at toughest situation in your professional as well as personal lives. 
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